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Love in Puerto Rico

Valentine's Day is around the corner and at RST we want to help you with an unforgettable gift. Instead of gifting something material, surprise your loved one with an amazing and fun island experience!

Check out our top 3 recommended activities for couples on the island:

Escapade to Culebra

Nothing says more "romance" than a getaway to Culebra. Enjoy the peaceful vibe of the island, visit Flamenco Beach, one of the top beaches of the world. Take a boat to Cayo Luis Peña and explore the coral reefs and marine life that surrounds it. Connect with nature and with your significant other in this fun escapade.

Coamo's Hot Springs

Instead of getting into a hot tub, enjoy this pleasant hot springs, powered by nature itself! The hot springs is located in the town of Coamo, on the south side of the island. Plan a romantic weekend, visit the nearby restaurants, museums and cafés, and stay at the Coamo Hot Springs Hotel. Truly a laid back experience.

Tres Palmas at Rincón

The true definition of paradise! Stay at a rustic ocean front villa, and just let your breath be taken away by the views. Just a 5 minute drive from the town square, you can enjoy all the amenities Rincón has to offer.

Need help planning your romantic escapade? Call us at (787) 722-2080 or send us an email at

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