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Plan Your Trip to Puerto Rico

Find out what you need to travel to the island.

  1. Can I travel to Puerto Rico? Yes, the island remained open to U.S. citizens or foreign nationals who hadn't been to China, Iran, Brazil, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Ireland, or the European Shengen area in the last 14 days.

  2. What is required to travel to Puerto Rico? Proof of negative molecular tests (nasal or throat swabs) from up to 72 hours prior, as well as complete a travel declaration form. If you have been recently vaccinated, you are still required to supply negative test results upon arrival. If you don't provide any of the required tests or vaccination proof, you may be required to stay in quarantine for 14 days.

  3. Which activities are open in Puerto Rico? Most activities are open such as malls, hotels, museums, restaurants etc. Also, most experiences are operating such as El Morro Fort, Castillo San Cristóbal, Bacardi Distillery, El Yunque Rainforest, and many more. You can see a full list of activities here.

Remember that there is still a curfew in place from 12am to 5am until April 11th. Using a mask is mandatory, as well as keeping a sensible distance of 6ft between people. If you follow these guidelines, we guarantee you'll have an amazing time in Puerto Rico!

Are you ready to visit? Plan your trip with us! Call us at (787) 722-2080 or send us an email at

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